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Create fully branded videos automatically! No more film crews, No more editing, No more fuss.

Now anyone can make high quality videos on a budget using this simple and innovative cloud solution. Create your video branding, send a link for people to record a video on a smartphone or computer, then in seconds,  ShoutOut creates a video completely automatically with music, name captions and your logo and branding. You can also add subtitles and build compilation videos, all without any editing experience. You can even upload photographs to edit and share on social media and create compilation videos with B roll automatically. 

Testimonial videos, video reviews, event videos, social videos, sales listing videos.

Find out more at and try for free at 


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Products and Services

  • ShoutOut is a simple to use, cloud based automated video creation and distribution platform that enables anyone to produce videos automatically.  


  • Explainer video

    November 08, 2021 Dan Gable
    ShoutOut automated video overview how it works and how to create videos automatically  
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