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secure-transmit is a file transfer service with a unique model - that a file transmission should be a transaction, not a subscription. No user account, no client side infrastructure, no continuing obligations required.

secure-transmit can be conveniently and easily used - from an individual to an enterprise of thousands, only exposing the identities of its users and their transmissions to their designated correspondents. secure-transmit can transmit files of any size, securely, from anyone, to anyone - with multi-factor authentication of all parties, and with zero exposure of your data or your metadata, even to secure-transmit itself.

Our servers hold only encrypted data, and all keys reside with you. All transmissions are extensively logged, with dates, times, correspondent emails, IP addresses and file checksums. But these logs are accessible only to you - they are encrypted like all the other tranmission metadata. You can control the lifespan of both the data being transmitted and the metadata describing the transmission. When the transmission is done, the data is automatically cleaned up.

With secure-transmit, you can move your data securely, prove that you moved it, and know that nobody else has accessed it, including secure-transmit itself. Your business is none of our business - or anyone else's.

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