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Satago have got your cashflow covered. 

If your business sells B2B on credit, you might wait 30 to 90 days for invoices to be paid. This can cause cashflow problems, leaving you short of money and unable to fund your business goals. If your business has money tied up in unpaid invoices, you can get an advance using invoice finance. Invoice finance is a quick and easy way to ease cashflow while you wait for customers to pay you.

Invoice finance is an easy way to improve cashflow, so you can manage regular bills and invest in your company’s growth. If you need to fund a new project, purchase stock, or pay an unexpected bill, you can unlock cash from your unpaid invoices with Satago. Choose between Single or Full Invoice Finance and get the funds you need to scale your business.

Satago makes invoice finance quick and easy. Sign up online and once approved, you’ll receive cash in the bank in a matter of hours. Satago connects to your accounting software and automatically shows you how much funding is available. Our software even automates your reconciliation, saving you hours of admin every month!

When you apply for invoice finance, you’ll have access to Satago’s cash management tools free. Our risk insights tool means you can protect your business from the threat of late payments and bad debt by gaining insight into your customers’ credit score and payment history. Our automated credit control tool will chase your invoices for you, so you can reinvest that time in to growing your business.


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