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ReWild Group

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ReWild Group

Our Story

The foundations of The ReWild Group stretch back across 30 years of research and observation of small and mid-size businesses. The goal of the research was to understand what made companies grow, shrink, succeed, and fail. Our quest led us to interact with more than 1,500 businesses in dozens of industries.

As we studied these companies, we saw distinct, identifiable, and predictable patterns that directly impacted a company’s ability to sustain growth. These observations fueled the creation of The Seven Stages of Growth - a methodology that recognized that every company goes through seven distinct stages of growth based on the complexity of the organization.

In 2017, The ReWild Group initiated the first major update to the now time-tested Seven Stages of Growth methodology. The goal was to provide a more comprehensive framework while extending the Seven Stages of Growth methodology so it would diagnose, prescribe, and predict the key elements missing in a business’s ecosystem. Furthermore, the new methodology would provide tangible solutions to the issues identified.

In 2018, Organizational ReWilding® was officially launched. This new methodology expands on the “Classic” Seven Stages of Growth by incorporating refinements to the original methodology and providing specific solutions.

Our Mission

The ReWild Group is on a mission to multiply the number of exceptional businesses globally.

We believe that work is a fundamental part of human existence, and that much of who we are is impacted by the work we do. When a person is part of an exceptional workplace, they can apply their natural talents, grow as an individual, and develop new skills. This person returns to home and society as the best version of themselves. 

Organizational ReWilding® provides business owners with the certainty and clarity needed to lead a stronger, more profitable business. Our roadmap shows you the rules you need to follow to sustain your organization today and allows you to be proactive on what you need to do in the future to sustain progress. 

You can choose a Self-Directed approach that is budget-friendly or gain guidance in applying the methodology through our Coach-Supported or Adviser-Led programs.

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