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The Remote Group

The Remote Group

The Remote Group makes it possible for you to upscale while saving costs. As a premier outsourcing solutions provider, we leverage the latest technologies with a highly-skilled Filipino workforce.

Since our inception in 2020, we have helped over 50+ global clients solve their struggles with talent shortages, high employment costs, and low productivity. We don’t stop at finding you the right hire – our Philippine-based team continuously works with you to manage your remote staff and oversee the account management, HR, and payroll side.

With a proven track record of excellence and commitment, we continue to offer a wide range of outsourcing services that span diverse industries and emerging spaces.

At The Remote Group, outsourcing is easy, seamless, and cost-effective. Since we specialize in matching businesses with the best talent for their unique needs, we consistently deliver outstanding results. No matter the industry, we have experts who are ready to provide exceptional service.

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Products and Services

  • The Remote Group’s Virtual Assistants are versatile team players who are highly results-driven. By entrusting them with time-consuming and repetitive tasks like appointment setting, schedule tracking, ...
  • The Remote Group provides accounting and finance services to accounting firms, small to mid-size businesses, and large enterprises by connecting them with highly qualified and competitive accounting p ...
  • Don’t let downtime affect your business’ productivity. The Remote Group’s IT Support Services are tailored based on your requirements so our IT staff can solve complex problems and plan the scalabilit ...
  • Our highly skilled Customer Support Representatives help businesses consistently deliver a positive customer experience. The Remote Group supports you in sourcing highly skilled customer service exper ...
  • Through our Digital Marketing outsourcing services, you can tap into a team of experts who deeply understand the latest marketing trends and techniques. Our top outsourced marketing services include c ...
  • Outsourcing eCommerce services with The Remote Group lays down the groundwork for your business’s digital sales and online presence. We connect eCommerce businesses with industry specialists focusing ...
  • The Remote Group is HIPAA-compliant to ensure medical facilities seeking our services have full confidentiality. Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants have become a valuable resource for healthcare provid ...


  • Introducing: The Filipino employee

    January 13, 2023 The Remote Group
    Are you excited to work with your remote staff? First, take a look at this short clip as a tip sheet on who the Filipino employee is.
  • Why You Should Outsource to the Philippines

    June 10, 2022 The Remote Group
    See why businesses around the globe are leaning towards the Philippines when it comes to offshore outsourcing. 
  • Build your Remote Team with The Remote Group!

    January 12, 2023 The Remote Group
    Our team connects you with top talents that suit your business needs.


  • The Remote Group Expands its Horizons to the USA

    July 03, 2023 The Remote Group
    The Remote Group is now fully incorporated and operational in the USA!
  • Struggling to stay on top of everything? Our Virtual Assistants help businesses to cope with demanding schedules, routine tasks, and other admin work. 
  • Importance of Good Customer Service in Your Business

    September 30, 2022 The Remote Group
    Excellent customer service is key to achieving brand loyalty and effective acquisition - all major points in consistently providing a positive customer experience.
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