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PressW AI

PressW is an AI & Automation firm that helps businesses adopt new technologies into their existing workflows to make their teams more efficient and generate more profit. PressW was founded in January 2023 by 3 tech entrepreneurs after exiting their previous AI startup in 2022. Since inception, PressW has worked on over 30 different projects across 20 different clients ranging from video education chatbots to complex auto-schedulers for construction workers.

Regardless of the product developed the focus has always been the same. Putting more dollars into the pockets of our clients by automating workflows and allowing company’s teams to work faster and more efficiently. PressW specializes in leveraging the latest Generative AI and LLM technologies to help build these workflow automations and works hard to not only educate their clients on how these technologies can transform their business, but also on where their opportunities are looking 5-10 years out. From strategy, to implementation, to delivery and maintenance, PressW is the one-stop-shop for any and all AI Automation solutions.

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