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Kara Duffy Coaching & Consulting

Kara Duffy Coaching & Consulting

I'm a business coach, consultant, and speaker who helps my clients find more money, freedom, purpose, and impact through my Have it All Method™  and in helping them design A Ridiculous & Extraordinary Life™. I am also an entrepreneur running three businesses of my own: Powerful Ladies Media, Kara Duffy Coaching & Consulting, and a new venture with my business partner Olivia Barrett, Olivet. 

I've been an entrepreneur since I was 9 years old. I worked simultaneously in footwear & apparel for 20 years creating and leading new brands, new products, opening new markets, and more for companies such as Reebok, Puma, DC Shoes, Quiksilver Group, and Supra Footwear to name a few. I take a creative, countercultural approach when working with clients. We throw out all the rules and choose an individualized approach depending on the unique client’s needs. I give people the permission to create businesses on their terms so they can be in their zone of genius and do the work they were put here to do. 

My reputation as a business coach and consultant is 100% based upon how I've treated each client and what I've given them access to achieve. I'm honest. I'm direct. I listen to clients about what they're committed to. I give practical solutions, tools, and structures to help them achieve their goals. I believe in my clients and can often see what's possible for them way before they'll even entertain believing it themselves. I truly care about my clients. I'm proud that my clients trust me and enjoy working with me so much that they refer me to their family members and close friends. I've never paid to market my private business coaching. It's all been successful through word of mouth and through referrals from my Kara Duffy Coaching Community. 

I believe you should stop being a manager! Really!! Managing people is small. Be a leader. Be a coach. When we step into the role of manager, we automatically make ourselves bigger, better, smarter or more capable than whomever we're managing. That's just nonsense. Instead, be a leader who is looking for collaborators. Be a leader who is asking for those around you to rise up. Be a stand for excellence and work together. Think of yourself as the team coach or captain who is helping lead the whole team to success and there will be an automatic shift.  Tell people early on that you will be giving and asking them for feedback. If you're creating a team of people who are here to learn and improve, they will become eager for the coaching. 

Leaders and coaches have high expectations. We have to hold our teams accountable and more importantly we need to prepare our teams for success. Where do they need practice? Where do they need support or tools or access? How can you do everything to clear the path for your team to step into their greatness? High morale comes from being seen, having purpose, being respected and making an impact. 

We've served over 100 businesses with clients doubling sales, getting featured in Forbes, building out teams, working exclusively with dream clients and going from start up to beyond seven figures. We look forward to connecting with you at The Business Show this year!

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