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The Perkpay Inc. Marketing Revolution

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The Perkpay Inc. Marketing Revolution

Perkpay, Inc. and No Loss Marketing was started for the purpose of bringing consumers and businesses together in a way that benefits both.

We understand and have experienced the frustration of dealing with wasted advertising dollars with today's forms of advertising and even worse, getting negative returns on the marketing investment.


We have a marketing program that not only guarantees sales and profit for our advertisers, but guarantees the highest return of marketing investment.  If our advertisers don't make a sale, they pay $0 in advertising fees.  For retail businesses that accept returns, we ensure that our advertisers don't pay any advertising fees for returned items ... they only pay advertising fees for completed, non-returnable sales.

No Loss Marketing is the platform where our advertisers create their account, create and manage their listings for each business and business location and obtain real-time analytics data that show you gross sales, advertising fees paid and ROI.

All businesses can start with no up front cost, no risk and they can generate up to $500 in gross sales before paying an out-of-pocket advertising fees.  Business owners create their account and listing on nolossmarketing.com and once it is approved, it goes live in our business directory, perkpay.cash, which is where our members search for businesses, products and services.

All leads, website & foot traffic, phone calls and in-person meetings are at no charge for our advertisers.  They only pay the advertising fee when the sale has been completed.

All of our advertisers make a profit, before Perkpay, Inc. generates any revenue.  When our users decide to complete a transaction, they pay our advertisers directly for all purchases.

The only required action for our advertisers is they must validate all transactions for our members through the platform.  It is simply a proof of purchase.

Note:  For retail businesses with a return policy, the advertising fee is deducted from the account balance, but placed in a holding account.  In the event that your customers (our members) return any items, the advertising fees associated with the returned items is returned to your account balance.  Our members re-submit any pending sales once they no longer can return any items and then it becomes a final transaction.


Perkpay, Inc. has designed the program where we pay our members for making purchases from our advertisers, paying them directly for all purchases and for referring other people to do the same.  Instead of using our advertising dollars to promote perkpay.cash and nolossmarketing.com through traditional forms of advertising, we'd rather pay people for word-of-mouth advertising, which we believe is the most powerful and most trusted form of advertising.

There are no registration fees or monthly membership for consumers to become members.  They will never pay any fees to use the platform.

Perkpay, Inc. has allocated 50% of all it's advertising revenue to pay it's members for making these purchases from our advertisers.  From each individual transaction that is validated, up to 5 members get paid.

Note:  Our advertisers do not pay our members for making these purchases.  Our advertisers are paying for advertising.  Perkpay, Inc. is paying our members for making these purchases.

Our cash back program is set up in a way that our members have the opportunity to earn more than what they spend with our advertisers.  In the Perkpay Overview Video, we explain how our members can earn almost $1,900 in one week even though they only spend $30 during the week with any of our advertisers.  If our company generates $1 Million dollars in advertising revenue for the week, $500K is going back to our members for participating in the program.

In essence, our revenue sharing program gives everyone the opportunity to have ownership in Perkpay, Inc. without any investment, risk or commitment.

Perkpay, Inc. and No Loss Marketing is truly the perfect balance in marketing, where every business has the opportunity to grow their business with nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Our members benefit tremendously and they get paid for making purchases that they already make.  The only difference is they have every purchase validated through our platform.


Joe Mendez, the President/CEO of Perkpay, Inc. has experienced all the headaches and frustration of dealing with leads, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, SEO, social media and email marketing, mailers and so much more, just to see the marketing dollars depleted with no sales with businesses that he has owned, especially with his auto mechanic shop and his limo black car service.

Joe has also owned 2 advertising agencies in the past where he handled social media and email marketing, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, graphic and web design and so much more for his clients.  He also saw their frustration and was limited and what he could do since he did not own the social media platforms or any of the search engines where business owners promoted their business, products and services.

This is why Joe designed and created this marketing platform.  He designed the program in 2007, obtained a US copyright in 2008 and 16 years later, this platform has finally come to life.

Joe is also a military veteran (worked naval intelligence during the first Persian gulf war) and is also a law enforcement veteran where he served as a patrol and police sergeant for over 14 years.

Perkpay, Inc. was started by Joe to become a platform that not only helps business owners succeed, but also to be a blessing to other people.  With so many mega corporations that exist and generate so much revenue, one thing that they lack is giving people the opportunity to be a part of their business and help them live better financial lives.

In total, Joe is giving away over 60% of his revenue, because his goal is to see the lives of people's financial future transformed so that together, we can all make a difference. 

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