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Payeda UK Ltd

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Payeda is a Fintech company which aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Payeda uses technology to improve activities in finance. Payeda provide startups and established financial institutions and technology companies enhance usage of financial services.

PAYEDA use technology to deliver financial services and products to consumers

In Payeda, SMEs or sole traders can able to create easily “Business Merchant Account” to receive online payment for the unpaid invoices from their customers through the Open Banking Channel i.e. “Account 2 Account” payment without interruption of Third Parties namely Credit Card Companies. Payments from the customers will be deposited directly into the SMEs bank accounts with a very negligible transaction fees without chargeback issue. SMEs easily follow their unpaid invocies through Payeda, send reminders, invite the customers to be a member of Payeda for payment purposes, or getting the full advantages of the platform for their business as well.

Services we provide includes:

  • Open Business Ecosystem
  • Business Merchant Account
  • Account to Account Payments
  • Late Payment Solutions
  • Unpaid Invoice Payments
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Embedded Finance
  • Erp Integrations
  • Invoice Financing on All Sales Ledger
  • Factoring 
  • Custom-built Solutions For Small Businesses.

with PAYEDA, You are allways connected with the suppliers, customers, and the financial world...


College House
17 King Edwards Road
Ruislip, London, United Kingdom
Greater London
United Kingdom
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