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National Tax Credits

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National Tax Credits

National Tax Credits (NTC) is a premier tax consulting firm with a commitment to integrity, innovation, and customer service. NTC operates a specialized Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) filing department, ensuring each business properly qualifies and receives the maximum credits they are entitled to. NTC has successfully filed thousands of ERTC quarters and provides support throughout the filing process, monitoring each file until a credit check is issued. The expert CPAs, attorneys, and specialized consultants ensure that clients are well-qualified for the ERTC and stands behind each filing should it be subject to examination during the five-year lookback period. Our team timely responds to client needs, remains flexible to accommodate the business owner’s schedule, and provides a fast turnaround time for ERTC clients. This commitment to quality of filings and level of service that extends beyond the filing date is what differentiates NTC from its competition and raises the bar for those providing ERTC services. With a blend of traditional wisdom and innovative approaches, National Tax Credits provides the most comprehensive and service oriented ERTC filing department for businesses looking to claim the credit.


85 Argonaut #200
Aliso Viejo
United States
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