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MVA BPO Call Center/Staffing

Stand: B441
MVA BPO Call Center/Staffing

MVision is a Puerto Rican incorporated company that prides itself on the fact that our agents provide American quality telemarketing and customer support services. Even though our agents sound pleasant, comforting and American over the phone, our agent pool is primarily based in Lebanon.

Many people do not know this, but Lebanon is home to a large native English-speaking population. Most of the citizens of Lebanon grow up in American and French educational systems and the education system of Lebanon is a very competitive and challenging one. Most of our talent pool consists of candidates that were English-educated and many of them even grew up in English speaking countries such as Australia, the UK and the UAE. Some of our clients specifically request agents that were raised in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, London, Sydney or Melbourne. Many of our clients believe that prospects are more receptive to the pleasant accents from the above cities, so we provide them with what they ask for. Our agents either have a neutral American accent or a pleasant British, Australian or UAE English accent. While MVision loves and respects people from all over the world, we understand that in American B2B communications, there is a stigma of miscommunication and misunderstanding that comes with other popular outsourcing destinations, and that is what led MVision to find a talent pool in a unique location that most businesses have overlooked when seeking a business process outsourcing solution. Some of our clients have described working with us as an “outsourcing-hack” or “outsourcing-cheat code”, as we provide offshore rates yet still provide American quality. At MVision, our talent pool consists largely of recent college graduates, current college students, as well as talent that holds Masters’ degrees. Lebanon has an extremely overqualified and overeducated talent pool. While the minds that are driving success for MVision’s clients are brilliant ones that are fully capable of professions and roles that require more responsibility than an average telemarketer or customer support agent, due to Lebanon’s uniquely negative economic and political climate, MVision is currently providing them one of the best opportunities to use their knowledge and brainpower.

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