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Model Forge AI

Stand: T312
Model Forge AI

Empower your Business with customized AI solutions from phone agents and chatbots to forecasting and predictive modeling. We aim to be your full-stack data science solution.

Our AI phone & chat agents outperform our competitors (human or AI) at a much lower cost. With only a $500 setup fee and $1 per minute cost, our life-like AI agents come at a considerable savings over competitors or people who are paid whether they are on the phone or not. Our agents are powered by the most state-of-the-art OpenAI models, ensuring life-like personalities and sub-second response times. Customized to your needs, we can empower it with your information to answer detailed questions, schedule appointments, route calls, or any other functionality you need. Never miss another phone call or up-sale opportunity due to being too busy.  Schedule a free phone agent demo customized to your business.

We specialize in fulfilling all your AI and data science needs. Integrated with ChatGPT, we can deliver you industry-leading predictive results in a human-readable and interpretable way. Our proprietary predictive models guarantee improvement over competitor and cloud AutoML solutions. We have extensive experience in every AI domain including forecasting, automated demand planning, product recommendations, anomaly detection, computer vision, deep learning, and many more. Developed with assistance from the top minds at DeepMind and Google Research, we have the only production-grade solution for graph data modeling.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss how AI can empower your business.

See why Model Forge is ranked in the top 1% on with a 100% satisfaction rate in the field of AI & Machine Learning.

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