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Covid-19 Cares Act ERC, Tax & Accounting

Covid-19 Cares Act ERC, Tax & Accounting

Covid-19's Stimulus Bill "Cares Act", March 2020 carried the highly misunderstood relief program called
"The Employee Retention Tax Credit" (ERC) is worth up to $26,000 per employee. (up to 500 employees)

🚨 Beware of IRS Warnings! Protect Your Business from Unscrupulous ERC Marketing Companies.🚨
The IRS has issued warnings about deceptive ERC marketing firms. Don't fall victim – ensure you choose a reputable
partner for your Employee Retention Tax Credit.

When considering a firm to assist you, you should ask these questions;

How many ERC filings has the company completed?
What is their average return per employee?
Does it come with long-term audit support?
Do they outsource or underwrite in-house?
Do CPAs sign your files?



Our Tax/Accounting firm has a staff of over 400 members, including CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Forensic Accountants, Compliance
and Review Specialists as well as IRS Enrolled Agents, all to assist you with the Employee Retention Tax Credit. 

  ★ We have assisted over 16,000 businesses to qualify and receive over $7 Billion in ERC tax returns

  ★ All files are signed by a highly qualified CPA who specializes in the ERC program  

  ★ All files carry long-term audit support in addition to $1,000,000 in E&O insurance

   ★ Our average return per employee is about $20,000

  ★ Our average return per business is over $500,000

 ★ All files are kept in-house and NOT farmed out     


Ready to navigate the ERTC process safely and effectively?

Visit booth 1009 and have a friendly chat with Chris Rowland. Please ask any questions and discover how you could potentially
secure your refund. If a CPA, bookkeeper, or an ERC marketing company has ever informed you that you might not qualify,
I'd love to have a conversation with you regarding the possibilities available.
We're excited about the prospect of connecting with you!

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