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Intelligent Solutions USA

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Introducing Intelligent Solutions USA, a dynamic force dedicated to fostering transformative change through expert problem-solving and empowerment. With over five decades of combined experience in diverse environments, our team specializes in delivering tailored organizational and leadership solutions to small business owners and executives.

Dr. Karalee Picard and Tonya Stuber, the visionary co-founders of Intelligent Solutions USA, collectively possess over 50 years of experience in the Department of Defense and government service. They offer a unique coaching approach rooted in intelligence analysis, confidentiality, and organizational culture expertise, alongside a wealth of knowledge in understanding human behavior and enabling personal transformation.

At Intelligent Solutions USA, we recognize the significance of providing a safe space for open and honest conversations. With a keen focus on individuals' perceptions of themselves, interactions with others, and external perceptions, Karalee and Tonya excel at building emotional intelligence and fostering self-awareness.

Karalee holds a Doctorate in adaptive leadership and organizational culture, complemented by certifications in coaching, senior executive leadership, women's empowerment, and diversity. Tonya, with a Master's in HR, applies her expertise across various specialties with finesse. Together, they leverage their military and government service experiences to empower individuals navigating career transitions and facilitate organizational development.

Our coaching style at Intelligent Solutions USA is customized to each individual, aiding them in outlining actionable plans to solve problems and enhance their approach to both business and life. We employ critical thinking skills and positive reinforcement to guide clients towards defining a future path through coaching sessions.

With a proven track record of success, having worked with executives from numerous U.S. government agencies, nonprofits, and corporations, Intelligent Solutions USA understands the profound impact of behaviors on personal and professional relationships. Karalee and Tonya possess the skill to unravel how behaviors manifest and influence others, empowering individuals to cultivate positive interactions and achieve their fullest potential. Through our coaching sessions, we enable people to transform themselves to be the best they can be, both personally and professionally.

At Intelligent Solutions USA, we guarantee a space for open and honest conversations. Applying strategic analysis and optimistic perspectives, we assist clients in outlining actionable plans for success. If you're seeking personalized coaching services to unlock your true potential and thrive in both business and life, reach out to Karalee Picard and Tonya Stuber at Intelligent Solutions USA. Let us guide you on your journey towards lasting transformation and fulfillment.

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