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The Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT) is a prestigious organization operating across India, South Africa, USA, UAE, EU, Singapore and the United Kingdom. With an extensive network of board and council members worldwide, GCPIT is at the forefront of promoting foreign trade, bilateral investment, and sustainable economic cooperation.

One of GCPIT's primary responsibilities is to implement major national development strategies that drive economic growth. The organization actively promotes foreign trade and bilateral investment, facilitating partnerships and collaborations between countries. It maintains strong relationships with overseas trade promotion counterparts and welcomes high-end trade and economic delegations from around the world.

GCPIT plays a crucial role in organizing global trade and economy delegations, providing opportunities for businesses to explore foreign markets. The organization manages overseas trade exhibitions and represents domestic industry and commerce in the field of foreign trade. GCPIT actively participates in trade negotiations, formulates economic policies, and contributes to the establishment of international commercial rules.

In addition, GCPIT offers comprehensive services to facilitate foreign trade. It assists with legal consulting, commercial conciliation, trade and maritime arbitration, and the issuance of certificates of origin for export products. The organization also provides intellectual property services, including patent applications, trademark registration, litigation, and rights safeguarding. GCPIT supports industries and enterprises in resolving trade disputes and offers valuable trade and economic information, as well as training services.

GCPIT is committed to establishing broad connections with relevant international organizations, trade and investment promotion agencies, commercial associations, and business circles. Through these connections, the organization facilitates effective communication and cooperation, fostering a global network of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

By leveraging its expertise in knowledge, awareness, handholding, ideation, innovation, cross-border businesses, global networking, and trade, GCPIT serves the global community. The organization is dedicated to enhancing services for companies, contributing to the development of bilateral and multilateral trade relationships, promoting world economic prosperity, and improving the well-being of all mankind.


No 1 & 2, A1 Block, Kundalahalli Village,
K R Puram
.Bangalore, Karnataka
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