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Further turns being sustainable for a business from a cost to a benefit by bridging the gap between real climate action and engaging your community.

We do this by;

  • Direct climate action - reforestation and gold standard offsetting
  • Climate wellness tools in an app for staff and stakeholders
  • A business communication platform to showcase climate action & sustainability
  • Calculating a company's carbon footprint - scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions - this in and of itself drives the easy sustainable wins - reduction is better than offsetting!

The benefits of which mean;

  • People - engaging, educating & empowering in the face of climate anxiety - whether that be staff, customers or other stakeholders. 
  • Demonstration of sustainability support and action for recruitment and retention of staff
  • Better informed climate behaviour for both the company and staff - it's not enough to plant trees and offset - you need to take your people with you 
  • Bespoke marketing revolving around key business metrics and reforestation/offsetting
  • Businesses can capitalise & showcase all their ESG & climate actions, turning a cost into a benefit and demonstrate leadership
  • Furthr is a one stop shop for positive climate action for a business 


Kemp House
152 - 160 City Road
United Kingdom
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