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Introducing CELLSNAPP!™: The Innovative and Versatile Cell Phone Accessory
CELLSNAPP!™, a groundbreaking new cell phone accessory. This revolutionary product offers a practical and convenient solution for those who juggle multiple devices, such as work and personal phones, on a daily basis.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art ultrasonic microinjection molding technology, CELLSNAPP!™ consists of a durable ABS mold embedded with an array of nine powerful n52 neodymium magnets. This robust and reliable construction is further secured by an industrial-strength 3M adhesive, ensuring your devices remain firmly attached to various surfaces.

The patented design of CELLSNAPP!™ eliminates the need for carry cases, holders, holsters, clips, belts, straps, wallets, purses, pouches, or sleeves. By simply adhering CELLSNAPP!™ to your cell phone covers or battery charging devices, you can enjoy unparalleled security and ease of access—simply pull apart your devices to separate them.

CELLSNAPP!™ adds enhanced functionality to your devices, allowing for seamless 360-degree rotation for capturing video, effortless photo-taking and flashlight use. The accessory also makes "back-pocket" transportation a breeze, providing long-lasting protection and prevention against misplaced or lost phones.

Embrace the future of dual-phone management with CELLSNAPP!™—the ultimate solution for those who demand efficiency and reliability in the modern digital landscape.


4007 College Crest Drive
Los Angeles
United States
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  • CELLSNAPP!™. A gamechanger to maximize your cellphone's versatility!
  • CELLSNAPP!™ - How it Works!

    14 Sep 2023 Anthony J. Malach
    CELLSNAPP!™. A gamechanger to maximize your cellphone's versatility!
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