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Imagine entering your company's financial data every month, clicking a link, and your company's ratios and trends appear. 

These trends include monthly and long term trends. The help section of the website gives you the meaning of each of the 10 ratios and profit and loss data.

If you want more help, you can contact one of the certified referral partners. gives you the financial ratios and trends to help you spot and take care of minor issues before they become major crises. And, you'll make better business decisions based on accurate financial data. was developed by Profit & Wealth Guru, Ruth King.

Ruth's goal for the past 40+ years, has been to give business owners the tools and processes to get and stay profitable, build wealth, and achieve their goals.

She is especially proud of one company who had $750,000 in revenues. Over a 16 year period she helped them grow to $10 million in revenues.  They sold the company for $9 million in cash. 

Ruth holds and MBA in Finance and has written 5 award winning books including the #1 book. The Courage to be Profitable, and the #1 book Profit or Wealth?

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