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Throughout her life, Primrose has committed herself to learning and self development. Being ambitious to create a positive impact, Primrose had worked as Operations Manager for Therapeutic services for a well known children’s charity. Primrose knows first hand, what the demands of a highly demanding role requires. Working to improve therapeutic practices and work place changes proved to be a rigorous and crucial role. 

In 2018, everything changed for Primrose. She was involved in a life threatening motorway car accident. In her recovery, she underwent extensive physiotherapy for her physical injuries and trauma psychotherapy to deal with the symptoms of PTSD. Primrose acknowledged her anxiety and consistent reluctance to get back to driving, especially when it came to the motorway. With the support of her family and friends, she built herself back up and then came the realisation of a new venture. 

In 2019, Blue Diamond Wellbeing was born - Quality Psychotherapy Counselling & Spas.

A unique blend of psychotherapy counselling and personalised spa treatments. The results; significant relief from heightened negative emotions and irrational beliefs and physical reprieve by use of spa massage services. When combined together, this creates a healthy mental environment, equipping a person with the confidence to successfully process difficult experiences, negative emotional states and relief on the body. 

Like a diamond which undergoes immense pressure, before it emerges as a unique jewel; Primrose’s aim is to help people with her unique approach to psychotherapy and counselling with this concept, to reach people before they hit crisis point. Ultimately, whatever stage someone may be in, she aims to ensure a person can identify their main issues, help them to understand how this affects their perspective and mental health and produce life affirming resolutions for her clients. 

With over 25 years of real experience as a qualified social worker and 13 years as a counsellor, Primrose has encountered people from all ranges and walks of life. For a large portion of her career, she dedicated her skills, knowledge and time to ensuring the safety of children in vulnerable situations, whilst supporting families and individuals. Throughout her journey Primrose has found the deterioration of a person’s mental health to be a common theme, including the individual’s lack of awareness about how best to improve this.

In 2012 Primrose completed a Masters Degree in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RECBT Rational Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy], taught by esteemed international author and lead clinician Professor Windy Dryden. 

Primrose is excited to influence business leaders and organisations on integrating mental wellbeing into their business.  


32 Quorn Close
LE11 2AW
United Kingdom
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  • Blue Diamond Wellbeing Introduction

    07 Nov 2021 Primrose Roberts
    Mental health and emotional wellbeing is paramount and a fundamental need for everyone, for healthy living and problem solving. See our unique approach to counselling on a mental and physical level.  
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