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Big Robin

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Big Robin is a freelance e-marketplace focused on connecting businesses with the top Market Researchers and AI/Data Scientists to make better decisions and ultimately, to better the world.  Everyone wants to be data driven, but few can or know how to drive. 80-90% of businesses fail, and the top reasons are because they misread the market (even with AI), have the wrong "drivers" on their team, or run out of money -- mishaps that research and AI/Data experts are trained to help avoid.

Big Robin is on a mission to democratize access to the proper and ethical use of the 80Billion Terabytes of data humanity generates and uses today. As such, Big Robin is a new kind of Research or Data Analytics Company.  It is a) a 100% digital e-commerce business, the best way to globally scale; b) 100% freelancer-run, leveraging the workforce of the future, and c) 100% vetted to industry gold standards, ensuring human oversight and accountability for the use and recommendations made on data. 

Unlike generalist talent marketplaces like Upwork or Fivvr, Big Robin is the only only one that is 100%  Data/Research-first -- providing you a) your own Research and Analytics department without the full-time headcount costs, b) a top-talent team scaleable to the size you need, c) a way to pop-up new capabilities and technologies on demand, d) access to industry-esteemed and vetted practitioners you may not ordinarily have on your team, e) a freelancer-sourced library or knowledge and data marketplace you can leverage beyond one-off engagements. 


5965 Village Way
Ste 105-121
San Diego CA
United States
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