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Avela Corporation

Avela Corporation

Avela has become a key player in helping clients source products by the container from Asia. With strategically located offices in Houston, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and a representative in India, the company acts as an invaluable liaison for its clients, focusing on their core strengths.

The Avela team offers a comprehensive range of services, including product development, sourcing from Asian manufacturers, overseeing production, in-house quality control, building lasting relationships, and handling logistics for worldwide product delivery.

Avela Corporation, is renowned for its excellence, efficiency, and integrity in product sourcing and development. Avela’s deep understanding of Asian manufacturing and his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction continues to empower businesses globally.

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Products and Services

  • About Avela Corporation


  • Avela Factory Tour- 3D Printing- Avela Factory Tour
  • Avela Factory Tour- First rate mold manufacturer in India. 
  • AvelaFactory Tour: Vietnam- Large Injection Molding Factory  
  • Cambodian Garment Factory

    Avela Factory Tour: Cambodian Garment Factory
  • Avela Sourcing

    Asia Sourcing Process
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