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Agility Staffing Services LLC

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Agility Staffing Services LLC

Agility Staffing Services LLC is a leading provider of offshore staffing solutions, specializing in the creation of high-performing, cross-functional remote teams. We empower businesses to achieve operational agility and significant cost savings by leveraging a global talent pool of experienced professionals.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Reduced Overhead: We provide access to a talent pool with competitive rates, allowing you to maintain or expand your operations with a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional in-house staffing.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Our expertise in remote team management and workflow optimization helps you achieve increased productivity and streamlined processes.
  • Improved Profitability: By reducing overhead and boosting efficiency, we empower your organization to maximize profit margins.
  • Complete Control & Transparency: You have full authority over task delegation, performance management, and seamless interaction with our dedicated Quality Assurance and Human Resources teams.

Proven Leadership & Expertise:

Our founder and CEO, Robert Brough, brings over 13 years of experience in building and managing successful offshore teams within the US healthcare sector. This firsthand knowledge allows him to guide clients in navigating the offshore staffing landscape and avoiding common pitfalls. As a result, Agility Staffing Services boasts a proven track record of enabling clients to make a successful transition to remote work models.

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