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3Tec Solutions

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One of the most time consuming, yet highly valuable, aspects of the marketer`s role is Email Production. Our dedicated team of experienced email and landing page professionals at 3TS, along with our well tested development and QA processes, creates impactful responsive email campaigns & that's why we promise 300% replacement policy. 3TS is an ESP-Agnostic Agency focused on full-service email program management and advanced email strategy. 3TS team is made up of top industry veterans and the new bright minds of email who grow and manage email programs for some of the world's hottest fast-growth startups and global enterprise brands. As a leading Email Marketing Agency, let us help you achieve excellent results with quicker execution for those much-needed Flawless Emails, empowering you to achieve your goals. This is a group of data scientists, analysts, and data-junkies with a passion for helping large companies tap into their unknown data universe. 3TS provides services and tools that improve organizational efficiency, boost sales, increase client retention, and skyrocket ROI. 3TS leads are 100% guaranteed. We deliver quality leads for ABM, top-of-funnel, MQL, SQL and HQL programs. To fulfill campaigns, we start with verified contact and company information garnered from a multi-step process, all leads generated in-house, that we`ve perfected over eight years and fives of thousands of campaigns & that's why we promise 300% replacement policy to all our clients. We have multiple language callers: English, Portuguese, German, Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin With over 8 years of research, 100+ companies, 3,000+ campaigns, and 150 million+ outcomes, you can have confidence that 3TS will provide predictable, sustainable results.
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