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12 Skies Tech

Stand: B440
12 Skies Tech

12 Skies builds web and mobile apps to help you run your business and take care of your customers. We are a solution focused, system oriented, humanly helpful software development company.

We work with innovative business owners to bring your ideas to life – be it for web or mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, AI, and more.

Our custom apps empower the visionary entrepreneur to streamline processes and increase profits. Whether you lead a start-up, sole proprietorship, multi-million dollar company, or nonprofit, 12 Skies will help you close your technology gaps.

The 12 Skies Tech portfolio is diverse. We have created custom software for clients in many industries, including construction, healthcare, direct mail, retail and e-commerce, medical services, e-learning, claims adjustment and the non-profit sector.

Every industry has distinct needs and compliance concerns. We work with you to build out technical requirements that best meet the needs and concerns of your niche.

Grant your clients the access they crave through a customized web portal. Track actions taken on your site. Build out your dream app and launch it to the public. Level up your business and take back your time from tedious manual processes.

With your vision for growth and 12 Skies’ innovation and grit, together we will build the future-ready solutions you need.

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