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My favourite Illuminet Product: Now to Wow!

Now to Wow! is an innovation consulting service product and toolkit for CIOs and IT leaders. Now to Wow! assists a business to transform their service operation and build a practical realistic transformation roadmap within 90 days. Looking for a way to increase creativity? Need guidance on how to schedule improvements? Do you want a solution that is quick? Do you want a solution you can apply again? Now to Wow! consolidates Illuminet’s experience and success in IT service transformation and packages it so that you can use it. The seven-step methodology creates a structured approach to facilitate and amplify team creativity to think creatively, embrace new ideas and bring them to life in a solid achievable plan. Everything’s ‘in-the-box’ and based on the common principles of fixed price, time-bound and repeatable processes that are results-driven and easy to deploy.

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