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October 28, 2021

Introducing Medigold Health Absentia Day One Absence Management Service

Employee absence poses a huge challenge for every business. Not only does it cost you money, it also causes a lot of disruption, resulting in reduced productivity levels and placing additional pressure on colleagues who have to provide cover and face increased workloads. Over time, this can have a significant impact on the performance and long-term stability of your organisation.

Although most companies have an absence policy in place, we understand that it can still be difficult and time-consuming to effectively manage absence in-house.

Absentia, Medigold Health’s online absence management service, provides you with all the tools you need to manage employee absence more proactively from day one while relieving the administrative burden, allowing you to:

  • Accurately and consistently record and track absences
  • Improve compliance with your absence policies and procedures
  • Ensure your employees receive appropriate clinical support at an early stage
  • Easily identify and analyse absence trends

By enabling you to gain a better understanding of the main drivers of employee absence across your organisation, Absentia helps you to take a more focused approach to reducing absence so that you can reduce costs and boost productivity. With no additional software required, set up is easy, so you can start creating lasting savings for your business right away.


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