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August 30, 2021

HR and payroll platform built for growth

Moonworkers is a powerful all-in-one platform for managing HR, payroll, and contractors. Right now, many businesses struggle with disconnected HR and payroll software. The result? Lost time, mismatched data, confusion, missed opportunities, and plenty of human error. 

Moonworkers integrates with the most popular HR and payroll apps, to create a seamless platform for managing: onboarding, compliance, documentation, shift workers, annual leave, pensions auto-enrolment, and benefits. Employees get their own Moonworkers app, making collaboration even easier.

Businesses can hire contractors through Moonworkers, by browsing a database of trusted talent. Brief, onboard, collaborate and pay contractors entirely within Moonworkers. From speeding up onboarding to automating tedious manual tasks, Moonworkers has it covered, for one employee or thousands.

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