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November 10, 2021

23rd Annual Business Continuity Awards Winner of Strategy through Partnership Award from @CIR_Magazine #BusinessContinuityAwards

PD Ports is a ports and logistics company. Teesport is
the biggest of its sites and is the only major port in England to
handle more exports than imports. It operates 24/7 and welcomes
upwards of 4,000 vessels annually. As well as owning and running
this site, PD Ports is the Statutory Harbour Authority with
responsibility for the safe use and maintenance of the river.
Horizonscan are business continuity specialists. Based in Kent, the
team works with large private and public sector clients across
Europe, North America and Asia. The business has grown rapidly
since its formation in 2012, and in the last two years alone its
workforce has doubled and our turnover increased by 50%.
Horizonscan began working with PD Ports at the start of 2020.
The partnership looked initially at the capabilities of the
organisation across the pillars of resilience. The initial engagement
developed into a programme to develop and formalise business
continuity management procedures while working towards ISO
22301:2019 certification. As the programme started, the pandemic
hit the UK and the programme plans. Many organisations may
have decided to put the programme on hold while responding to
the crisis of a generation, but PD Ports and its people have
resilience in their DNA and made a deliberate choice to ‘lean into’
the resilience work with Horizonscan. They recognised that
COVID-19 was a step-change moment and used it as the spur for
a wider, root-and-branch assessment of preparedness across the
“PD Ports plays a critical role in facilitating the nation’s trade,
operating in 12 key locations nationwide to provide businesses
with essential access to global markets. Our main operation at
Teesport is the fifth largest port in the UK and only major port in
England to handle more exports than imports. It supports 22,000
jobs and contributes £1.4 billion to the UK economy each year,”
said Neal Armstrong, head of police, security and resilience, PD
Ports. “Directly employing more than 1,300 people, we own and
operate well-connected ports along the East coast of the UK;
unlocking key markets and providing access to the hub ports
across the globe. Our trusted international partners stretch our
reach far beyond the UK, allowing services to be delivered
throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
“As Statutory Harbour Authority for the River Tees, responsible for
safe use and maintenance of the river, we are wholly committed to
ensuring that the river plays its full part in supporting the future
growth of our region and the UK as a whole.”

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