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September 17, 2017

The Business Jet Engine Book - Show Discount

Visit us to get your book at a very special Show Discount.

The Business Jet Engine book shows you how to:

  • see your business as a system
  • score where you're weak or strong
  • identify the priority areas to improve
  • make simple plans - that get done!

for step-by-step progress to a

  • better
  • more profitable
  • stress free
  • successful business!


Many business owners are experts in their field but are not expert in business.

Bombarded with advice, it's easy to fix too  many things at once - or through uncertainty - fix nothing at all.

The Business Jet Engine shows you how to plan your business like an expert using a simple metaphor - an aircraft and its jet engine.

And no mechanical knowledge is required!

You'll be given all the tools you need - appropriate to every level - of business experience!

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