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September 01, 2021

Seventh Wave Workshops

  • Seventh Wave Workshops
  • Seventh Wave Workshops
Seventh Wave Workshops Seventh Wave Workshops

The SEVENTH-WAVE® Programme


A series of six incredible workshops, leaving you to create the most powerful Seventh-Wave®.
Drive yourself and your business irrevocably forward using the skills you have gained. Easy.


‘Getting to know yourself and others.’

Our foundational workshop is all about getting to know yourself before getting to know others. Using Insights Discovery®, you will learn to understand yours and others’ communication preferences. You will also work collectively to begin considering your own goals and aspirations, as well as those for the wider team and the business.



‘The challenges of true leadership.’

Once your knowledge from Workshop 1 has settled in, we will take you through the true challenges of leadership and what you will face through this journey. We’ll explore dealing with change, how teams are formed, and finally how you are seen through the eyes of others – and why that matters!



‘Unlocking and applying in-the-moment leadership.’

This workshop will have you question how you lead others in various situations. We give you the blueprint for success in leadership and work through it with you. Add into this a coaching masterclass, and you will see your team begin to fly.



‘Challenging my effectiveness.’

To become an effective and respected leader, you must learn to maximise your efficiency. We’ll help you understand how to do so, and unlock ways in which you can get the most out of your workday. Additionally, confronting conversations you never want to have, and feedback you never want to hear, will make you a strong and unflinching leader.



‘Influencing the wider team and stakeholders.’

The penultimate workshop will teach you how to best work your network and influence others.
These are vital in leadership and by acquiring these skills, alongside our masterclass in presentation skills, you’ll be an expert at showing yourself off in no time.



‘Putting it all together to make a real difference.’

The final stop before you embark on your new-and-improved professional journey. Here, you influence the Senior Leadership Team with your plans to improve the profitability and engagement within the business. Put your newfound knowledge to the test, and see how seamlessly everything falls into place. Your Seventh-Wave® training is complete: use this momentum to drive yourself forwards in ways you never could have dreamed.

Bespoke Workshops

As well as our unique Seventh-Wave® programme, we also design and deliver finely tuned workshops, catered specifically to you. These can vary in length, and are created after spending time with you and your team to pinpoint exactly which challenges need addressing. Whatever you or your team needs, we’ll find the solution.

Our team of trusted Seventh-Wave® accredited trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in custom workshop delivery and design. Our total of 250 years of training room experience means that there is no challenge we cannot overcome. We spend time researching personalities, challenges, and dynamics before carefully producing a solution completely custom to you and your business.

We are confident that we can leave you with palpable results.

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