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YIFANG Fruit tea bring the warmth and quality of Taiwanese hospitality to UK market with its tea infused with seasonal fruits and the best of local produce as well as premium tapioca pearls. No wonder it do not need anything artificial in its tea - the taste of care and quality speaks for itself.

TEAWORK strives to become leading distributor of raw materials in Food & Beverage industry through constant expansion & innnovation. It offers the most competitive prices in the UK market without sacrifising quality of ingredients. The team makes it all posssible behind the scene, Weather you want to add bubble tea to your business or start your own bubble tea store, our team can assist you from the idea generation and consultancy all the way to design and receipe innovaton,provide premium quality supplies with the best value. 

FOODTEKCO provides tech-enabled data driven platform to passionate food entrepreneurs. It focuses on creating a lifestyle and experience for consumers by providing them an access to authentic and international cuisines.It also provides warehousing and logistical support to end users to make the proces smooth and efficient. 


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