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January 19, 2024

CyMyCloud | Secure Cloud Platform

CyberMyte Stand: B244

Introducing CyMyCloud

Let Us Handle the Burden of Security. You Can Reap the Rewards.

We've turned our lifetime of cybersecurity experience into CyMyCloud, a plug-and-play secure cloud infrastructure that transforms your business into a contract-winning machine. 

Peace-of-Mind Protection

When you're armed with the most secure cloud service--the type of security demanded by the Department of Defense--you know your data is safe.

CyMyCloud Comes With Our Full Suite of Security Consulting Services

  1. Monitoring Strategies
  2. Active Support
  3. Risk Management
  4. Security Consulting
  5. Documentation
  6. Daily Maintenance
  7. Vulnerability Management
  8. Cloud Migration

No IT Staff Required

Through CyMyCloud, we become your own personal cybersecurity department. That means you don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on an IT staff to set up your infrastructure and handle day-to-day responsibilities. We do it all.

We Handle Daily Tasks

The big cloud providers hand you an infrastructure, and that's all. They don't integrate it into your business, they don't actively maintain anything, and they certainly don't handle the required daily tasks. But CyberMyte does.

100% Custom Pricing

No two situations are the same. So why settle for cookie-cutter pricing? We'll examine your needs, create a custom package, and ensure you don't overpay. Shouldn't everyone do it that way?



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