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River + Green

If you’re here, chances are you feel a deep desire to make a real difference in the world—to have a lasting impact, while living your purpose.

Some of the following may sound familiar:

You’re naturally empathetic and have often found yourself being a confident, encourager—a sounding board—for friends and family.

You’re getting close to retirement, and you want to continue working but also to keep busy and flex your “humanitarian muscles”.

You feel called to help people on a deep level, and you’re exploring your options to begin a new career.

You want to be part of a well-respected industry without having to go to college or university.

You crave a career that allows you to stay home with your family, work flexible hours, and travel—while making a difference for others.

If any of these resonate with you, then you’re in exactly the right place!

Radiant Coaches Academy, the exclusive coaching partner of River + Green, boasts over 900 graduates of our Holistic Coach Certification in 20+ countries around the world. 

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