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November 01, 2021

Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration Cloud Migration Cloud Migration

We provide bespoke cloud solutions that maximise impact and minimise disruption.


How Kounteq makes your business agile:

Prepares you for scalability

Use what you need, when you need, without purchasing new devices.


Improve collaboration speed

Service & Data host on the cloud improves performance & customer experience.


Keeps data secure and accessible

Store your sensitive data securely and access information from anywhere.


Only pay for what you need

Subscription-based, no Capital Expenditure and IT Operating Costs.


A cloud strategy for every situation:

Wherever your company is on its journey, our cloud engineers will plan a migration that makes sense for your business. Here are the 6 ‘R’s of migration that we use:


Move your applications as-it-is to the cloud, and introduce some optimisation to take advantage of cloud capabilities.


Replicate your on-premise architecture in the cloud without making changes for quick ROI.


Replace your on-premise desktop apps with cloud based versions or similar products.





Redesign and develop your applications from scratch to implement cloud native features, bespoke for your company.


Keep some of your in-premise architecture and migrate only what is need for your businesses to the cloud.


Decommission and consolidate redundant software to save costs.

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