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June 08, 2021

Viru-Cleanse Fog

Viru-Cleanse Fog
Viru-Cleanse Fog being deployed

Viru-Cleanse Fog is unlike other fogging systems you have seen. This is not an operative walking around looking like a ghost buster and you hope that they cover everything with the damp mist that they spray.
Viru-Cleanse Fog is a dry fog which is fired from powerful, market leading machines. The dense fog expands to engulf the whole space into which it has been fired, ensuring that every surface has been cleansed by powerful disinfectant which leaves no visible trace, but does provide lasting protection.

Due to the micron-sized particles, the fogs uniform diffusion into the air enables it to reach all possible cracks, angles and surfaces (even vertical & inverted). This diffusion is achieved by creating a dry fog which, when released from our powerful market leading machines will engulf the entire space which is being treated. This makes it up to 1,700 times more effective than other dispersal methods. Our 0.3-5-micron sized particles will drag any micro-particle down, out of the air and to the floor which at the same time is disinfected. Our fog also leaves a micro-thin layer of disinfectant on all surfaces for prolonged protection yet leaves no visible residue. Viru-Cleanse fog meets the requirement for combating the pandemic of Covid-19, in accordance with the guidelines given by Public Health England (PHE) & the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Viru-Cleanse Fog is designed to cleanse and hygienise any professional or domestic environment

  • Clean and hygienise any professional or domestic
  • Reaches all possible cracks, angles and surfaces.
  • Dry fog which is safe to use on sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Up to 1,700 times
  • More effective than other dispersal methods, thanks to cleansing the actual air in the room too.
  • Prolonged Protection – leaves a micro-thin layer of disinfectant on all surfaces.
  • Leaves no visible residue or smell.
  • Application time does not scale up with the scaling up of the area being treated.
  • Safe to use in food prep or manufacturing areas, in line with HACCP guidelines.
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