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September 01, 2022



In early 2023, Aussie fitness franchise, STRONG Pilates, is set to continue its national and international expansion, launching in the United Kingdom.  

After a successful launch into the Australian market in 2020, followed by New Zealand earlier this year in 2022, STRONG Pilates have set their sights on the UK, with a goal of opening 100 locations over the next 4 years. The expansion will be headed by former Australian cricketer John Hastings and backed by long standing friend and businessman Matt Berriman.  

In August 2022, Hastings acquired the master in the UK for STRONG Pilates, with three flagship locations confirmed to open across London in Islington, Vauxhall and Hammersmith. The UK expansion will kick off with the Islington opening, currently on track for a February 2023 launch, bringing the newest and biggest fitness trend of the moment, Rowformer, to England. 

With 20 studios already open across Australia and New Zealand, and 100+ confirmed locations set for 2023, STRONG Pilates is committed to a rapid growth plan beyond their existing Australasian markets.

The first of its kind, untraditional workout, blends pilates and rowing with a machine that is half reformer, half ergo, making for an intense full-body workout. The fitness trend has gone from strength to strength with increasing popularity around the world. Committed to a rapid growth plan, STRONG Pilates now has a total of 90 open or upcoming locations across Australia, New Zealand, and more recently the UK. 

Co-founded by Aussies Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong, the two personal trainers possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, having previously owned six F45 studios. Ramsey and Armstrong have since shifted gears to Rowformer, opening STRONG throughout Australia and now expanding internationally into New Zealand. 

“We’ve seen huge demand for STRONG Pilates across Australia the past 12-18 months; the natural progression is to explore international markets, particularly given the growth within the Pilates space. We know Aussie fitness brands are well respected in the UK. We feel a cardio element, mixed with strength-based Pilates, is exactly what the boutique fitness industry in London has been crying out for. ” says Michael Ramsey, STRONG Founder. 

The 45-minute classes vary daily at STRONG Pilates, alternating between upper body, lower body, core, obliques or a combination, all paired back with interval rowing blocks. 

“Part Resistance Pilates, part rowing, STRONG is the perfect full body workout in a high-intensity 45-minute class designed to make you sweat and burn calories. The Rowformer is the only machine in the world where you can get your cardio on one side and strength and resistance on the other. This allows you to maximise your workout, meaning less time in the gym and more time to achieve your life goals and take adventures,” Michael Ramsey.

Suitable for all fitness levels, STRONG is about working with the individual to push for more, helping them be strong in their everyday lives, as well as build lean muscle.

About STRONG, Pilates: 



STRONG is a fitness movement combining rowing with Pilates-inspired movements using the new innovative Rowformer machine, which is extremely popular in the US amongst fitness enthusiasts. A classic STRONG class lasts between 45-50 minutes, incorporating a mixture of cardio HIIT training and Pilates-inspired strength and resistance training. For more information visit 


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