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SenseCheck - The power of a second opinion

SenseCheck - The power of a second opinion

Marketing can be one of the hardest things to get right in your business. Particularly because when you are so passionate about your product, it's hard to know how to talk about it in a way that the outside world and your prospects will easily understand and respond to. Small businesses have few ways to check their marketing message ahead of time, risking failure and wasted cash. is a new idea in the world of small business marketing. Solving one of the sometimes out of sight, out-of-mind problems business owners have:  checking their marketing ideas or messaging makes sense to their market. Too often we sign off marketing ideas based on our own gut feel or asking a few people around the office. We risk them not working as well as they should and wasting our hard-earned cash. What you really need is to get the views of someone with an objective arms-length but informed perspective. Or better still, several people! With Sensecheck business owners and marketers sign up to ask other members to review their marketing ideas. And in return, they provide feedback to others. This feedback tells you if your idea has any glaring flaws, if your ad makes sense to them, and if your message says what you intended. It’s totally free to test your first idea -  to find out how useful an outside point of view really is in avoiding marketing waste. -  the power of a second opinion.


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