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February 25, 2021

Mezzanines and repurposing space

Mezzanines and repurposing space

Installing mezzanines and repurposing warehouse space can really maximise the value of the available space in a warehouse or in the commercial spaces often built below large blocks of flats.

Doubling the yield

For example, being able to turn 350m2 of warehouse space into 750m2 of storage and office space can in some cases double the rental yield or indeed reduce the outgoing costs for a business.

Large developers are usually expected to include in their developments commercial type space, which is generally not straightforward to convert as power, water, waste, HVAC and fresh air are not generally given much consideration at the planning stages.

However, when undertaking the shell and core type of fit out, some lateral thought and flexibility on the landlords side, such as the siting of air conditioning plant and routes for ductwork, will really enable previously unusable space to be fitted out for various commercial usages and increase the yield of space previously left empty for long periods of time.

Storage or office space?

Historically, developers working with commercial or industrial estates have installed mezzanine offices to only part of the warehouse when constructing the units, thus retaining space for racking and high-level storage.

While those type of units are still required, with ‘delivery on demand’ solutions available, many of the smaller units do not need so much storage area.

Improving the working environment

Changing working practices have also meant that employee needs and expectations of the workplace have evolved - varied agile workstations, hot desking, better and increased breakout areas and more informal meeting spaces are becoming the norm to attract and retain talented staff.

The demand for additional office space can be remedied by installing mezzanine floors and increasing the useable space on the upper floor and freeing up space on the ground floor to create modern and up to date workplaces without having to relocate the business, which quite often can be an ideal solution for both landlords and their tenants alike.

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