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November 12, 2021

Making the Most of a Security Operations Centre

Making the Most of  a Security Operations Centre
Don't settle for 'Good Enough' - Secure Your Future

As your organisation paves it own way to success, Hayachi Services and WatchTower 365 will walk alongside you every step of the way. Vendor-neutrality means we share your vision rather than imposing our own on your organisation. 

WatchTower 365 are trusted by the the highest levels of the UK Government to provide a Security Operations Centre (SOC) As A Service solution, all the way down to securing SMEs and Micro-Businesses through their Guardian solution.

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) As A Service includes bi-annual pentests to ensure that you are constantly improving, securing. This enables you to demonstrate accountability and competence to senior management, key stakeholders and customers who care about IT Security.

The Guardian solution is designed for smaller organisations minded to demonstrate care and competence with IT Security, with unmatched value compared to any other solution on the market. 

Find out how a Security Operations Centre can prevent the worst from happening to your business:

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