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January 16, 2024

Local U.S. Banking Provider Island Federal Credit Union Achieves 80% Open Rates Thanks to Email Automation

Local U.S. Banking Provider Island Federal Credit Union Achieves 80% Open Rates Thanks to Email Automation
Hauppage branch

At Island Federal Credit Union, quality communication is a top priority. As a local banking provider, they serve over 45,000 Long Islanders. And unlike traditional banks, credit unions like Island Federal are owned by their members, meaning their financial services are not for profit.

But beyond their non-profit status, Island Federal is different for another reason. They prioritize high-quality, reliable, and functional customer communication. Because they’re a banking provider made of and for community members, they send personalized and targeted email marketing content in lieu of promotional mass emails.

After experiencing multiple issues with their former email service provider, Island Federal had a problem on their hands. With new members to Island Federal being flagged as spam on their email lists, and their email service provider unable to fix the problem, the marketing team at Island Federal began looking for another solution.


Automation and segmentation for better communication

After an easy and straightforward onboarding process, Island Federal’s contacts made it onto the Brevo platform, including the members flagged by their previous provider. Chris and his team were ready to give new life to their marketing communications.

In particular, two Brevo features made all the difference for Island Federal: automation and segmentation.

Chris explains that Brevo’s advanced automation features are a major advantage for Island Federal’s limited staff. As mentioned before, Island Federal prides itself on being a local banking option. In practice, this means they take part in events across Long Island, be it school fundraisers, sporting events, or university open days.

Island Federal’s email list grows considerably at events like these, with community members signing up to receive content about various banking products. Afterward, Chris and his team have automation sequences set up to send welcome emails to continue the client journey.

Chris has found that for new contacts who open one of their welcome emails but don’t go as far as clicking through to their website, sending follow-up emails is an extremely effective way to engage them. And thanks to automation, this work is taken care of without putting extra work on the team.

Another feature Island Federal uses regularly is segmentation. The ability to send emails to all contacts on one list who are not on another list is another major advantage of the Brevo platform, explains Chris.

“Back to our previous point, that function allows us to send highly-targeted emails to individuals [who want those emails] and not those who already have a product or have opted out of receiving those emails. It helps make sure we’re being the best communication partner possible.”

When asked what Brevo’s greatest strength is for the marketing team at Island Federal, Chris pointed to its functionality.

Along with automation and segmentation, the marketing team at Island Federal Credit Union appreciate the smaller, convenient features like the ability to schedule campaigns ahead of time and the ‘send at best time’ functionality, allowing them to be proactive and strategic in their email marketing.

A near-zero unsubscribe rate and improved customer communication

At Island Federal, the benefits of switching to Brevo are numerous, but one which stands out among the rest is how they’ve been able to improve client communication at both ends of the funnel. 

Both long-time and new members see the results of Island Federal’s targeted communication strategy. The proof is in the numbers: Chris’s team has achieved a near-zero unsubscribe rate and open rates well into the double digits. 

When targeting existing Island Federal members, Chris and his team take advantage of their data and Brevo’s segmentation features to cross offer. In the past, clients may have received marketing content for products they already had. Now, as Chris put it, “we’re not offering auto loans to people who already have auto loans with us.”

For those new to Island Federal’s email list, the content they receive is more targeted and relevant than it has been in the past, and follow-ups always occur at a natural point. Benefiting Island Federal’s clients and team members alike, the Brevo platform feels like a breath of fresh air.

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