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December 15, 2021

Fraud Awareness workshop in Partnership with Bedfordshire Police

Fraud Awareness workshop in Partnership with Bedfordshire Police
Fraud Awareness Workshop

Razor Global Solutions' Fraud Awareness Workshop is designed to help employees protect themselves and the organisation they belong to against the serious impact of fraud. These sessions are designed to be a mixture of interactive and informational content which details the main motivations behind committing fraud and raises awareness about different types of fraud and how to spot, investigate, and report fraudulent activity.

Course Content:

The workshop is broken down into several modules which answer the following questions:

  • What is Fraud and Types of Fraud?

The opening module explores what fraud is, types of fraud and the ways it can be committed.

  • Who commits Fraud?

This module covers the types of people who commit fraud and explores why and how it is done depending on their environment.

  • How can we detect, mitigate and prevent fraud?

The most important consequence of effective fraud awareness is the ability to prevent it from happening but also to mitigate the risk to your organisation. This module looks at detection, mitigation and prevention techniques to ensure the business is adequately protected.

  • Cyber Prevent & Protect

Delivered by Bedfordshire Police, this module will answer the question 'How can we protect ourselves against the world's most modern threat?'


It is important that we as trainers can really gain an understanding of your organisation and employees' current perception of fraud. Through breakout sessions we really get you thinking, absorbing the information given and understanding where improvements can be made in your workplace. There will also be an opportunity to put your own detective skills to the test by examining case studies and examining false documentation.


Additional Features:

We will throw in lunch and unlimited tea and coffee!

All attendees will be given the following policy templates which can be adapted for use by their organisation:

  • Fraud Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy
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