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16 Aug 2022

Dooh Ponto - Portuguese Burgers opens in London

Dooh Ponto - Portuguese Burgers
Dooh Ponto - Portuguese Burgers opens in London

First Portuguese Burgers, Dooh Ponto, opens its first location in London with a huge acceptance from the audience " Their burgers are really different and tasty" they say in the reviews.

International Portuguese burger brand Dooh Ponto lands on UK shores today with the launch of their first branch in London (credit: Zaman Siddiqui).

This 12-cover fast food restaurant in Harrow has been opened by The Linden Group after signing a contract with the founder of the brand, Angolan businessman Helivelton Francisco.

Located on the High Street, Dooh Ponto brings its own unique Portuguese and African flavours to a range of burgers.

Their first eatery in Luanda, the capital of Angola, was a street food truck which opened in 2016 after Mr Francisco decided to quit his telecom job in the Netherlands and launch a new burger concept.

Only two months later, Dooh Ponto managed to open their first bricks and mortar site. Currently, they boast branches in four countries with more than 15 locations and many more to open.


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