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Compassionate Leadership

The Compassionate Leadership Academy.
Compassionate Leadership
CLA Digital online course

The world has been catapulted into the realisation that we need to engage and lead in a different way.  Rather than forcing compliance, the focus must be on gaining commitment by raising levels of self and team awareness, then aligning personal and organisational values and purpose, leading to more effective relationships

The Compassionate Leadership Academy was founded in 2015 following the successful publication of the accredited book Compassionate Leadership by Manley Hopkinson.  We aim to develop the mindset of a compassionate leader and give you the practical tools to implement compassion into your organisation to create a truly inclusive workplace and positive cultural change.

We are delighted to showcase our flagship product CLA Digital online course and our corporate learning and development programmes.

CLA Digital online course - a unique, professionally accredited personal development and leadership course.  CLA Digital is available in 4 languages and 6 continents.

CLA Plus – A powerful learning programme of 12 workshops delivered at key stages of the CLA Digital online course.  The interactive workshops promote discussion, deeper learning and sharing of best practice within the context of your organisation.

CLA Advance – The quickest way to get your team familiar with the principles of compassionate leadership so that they can support and embed within your organisation.  A series of 4 x 1 day workshops with individual coaching.

CLA Insights – measuring “soft skills” is the Holy Grail of all leadership and development programmes.  CLA has partnered with industry leading data scientists Mind Alpha to do just that.  Truly measuring the positive impact of our compassionate leadership programmes.

CLA Apprentice - Level 5 Operations & Departmental Manager - An 18 month programme that delivers the CLA Digital online course with 4 additional managment modules and a series of supporting workshops.  In partnetship with RoATP IXION (Ofsted "outstanding" apprenticeship provider).

Find us at stand B1052 – we will be offering a show discount for the CLA Digital online course and signed copies of Compassionate Leadership book.

We look forward to seeing you.



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