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September 02, 2021

Cloud-based platform streamlines processes for cash-strapped SMBs

Moonworkers is the intuitive, cloud-based platform that enables businesses of all sizes to bring their human resources processes together in one seamlessly connected digital home. Rather than having several different tools to take care of employee information, administration and talent, Moonworkers brings all of your HR, payroll, pensions, and people management processes into one place. Instead of making one change to a set of details repeatedly but in different places, the system uses automation to make the change across the board. Moonworkers’ intuitive system also monitors clocking on and off information and relays that back to payroll. This even includes changes to pensions and benefits, as well as a link to HMRC.

With a clear focus on removing the hard slog from the administrative tasks that can slow a company down, Moonworkers uses automation to help you find, recruit, manage and pay the best talent so that you can focus your attention on realising the true potential of your team.


Created and developed as the answer to the pain points of bringing many different people management software together, the platform works across many of the different HR functions, such as onboarding and pensions enrollment and contracts, with integrated payroll, to ensure that talent and clients don’t fall down the cracks that are left between the other apps who have plugged the gaps up until this point.


Rather than paying for multiple apps across the administration functions, Moonworkers sits apart from the crowd because it entirely integrates with the three core HR verticals of management, recruitment and payroll. What makes Moonworkers even more targeted towards helping businesses and freelancers to thrive is that there is no charge to hire talent through the Moonworkers marketplace.


Nicolas Croix, Founder and CEO of Moonworkers said, “With Moonworkers, we are actively seeking to help SMBs cut their costs. The pandemic has impacted many companies and we’re here to empower those companies with plans for the future and ambitious roadmaps to achieve their full potential. We’ve used our time well during the pandemic, in terms of development, but we’re always pushing our platform forward. With an integrated time-tracker and rota management system in development, we’re turning our attention to the softer – but just as important side- of HR, including employee wellbeing.“

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