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Claim Capital: Market-leading Innovation Funding Specialist

The Claim Capital team is counting down the days until we can take our place at The Business Show 2021, on the 24th and 25th of November.

We’ll be exhibiting at what’s expected to be the event’s largest show to date!

But before we do, it seems only right to introduce ourselves properly.

Our Story

Claim Capital was founded by Max Raynor out of frustration that too many R&D Tax Specialists overcharged and underdelivered.

Having spent a considerable amount of money on Research & Development (R&D) in a previous venture, he found that R&D Advisors charge companies anywhere between 10-30% of their tax benefit to file the claim.

And so, Claim Capital was born!

Claim Capital is an R&D Tax Specialist service charging companies a £3,000 Fixed Fee, only payable on success. Our unique Fixed Fee isn’t determined by the size of your claim, and stems from our belief that R&D claimers deserve full transparency from the get-go.

Approaching our third birthday, we’re proud to have since evolved into one of the fastest-growing Innovation Funding Specialists in the UK, providing market-leading R&D Tax Credit and Grant Writing services to startups and SMEs.


Our Services

Our services are set out to help startups receive financial support at both ends of the R&D process, so founders can get their venture off the ground and then maintain their growth through re-investment.


Grant Writing

Grant Funding is government-provided capital that can be spent on virtually any business cost (excluding sales & marketing) that will help set a startup’s plans into motion.

Instead of founders pouring their own money into their project, securing Grant Funding spurs them to take the plunge, by reducing capital risk and providing an upfront financial safety-net.

But government grants are highly competitive, partly because the money on offer is: 100% guaranteed upon success; non-repayable; and non-dilutive.

Claim Capital’s grant writing service provides startups with the greatest chance of securing grant funding. After understanding your business vision, our experienced grant writers get to work to produce a stand-out proposal with the complex criteria of grant competitions in mind.

End-to-end, our grant writing service includes:

  • Identifying appropriate grants for your business.
  • Ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Providing detailed information checklists and templates to collate the required information.
  • Completing your Grant Application over a 4-day period.
  • Matching you with a dedicated Account Manager & Grant Writer to walk you through the entire process.


R&D Tax Credits

Further down the line, when your Research & Development (R&D) spending is already well underway, we want to help startups benefit from R&D Tax Credits.

R&D Tax Credits offer startups the chance to claim back up to 33% of capital spent on R&D, after their first financial year. This substantial proportion of cash can be a vital way to reinvest into the growth of a startup, and can be used year after year.

Despite this golden opportunity, 70% of eligible companies aren’t claiming R&D Tax Credits!

Claim Capital is here to change that.

Fixed Fee Service

We offer a complete tax credit service that takes care of all aspects of your R&D claim. We also boast a 100% success rate, so we know that it works.

Our £3,000 Fixed Fee service provides:

  • Financial & technical report completion.
  • Dedicated Account Manager and R&D Tax Specialist.
  • Full HMRC Enquiry assistance, free of charge.
  • Claim completion within 3-5 working days.


Advanced R&D Funding Service

If you want to access your tax benefit immediately, Claim Capital is one of the only R&D Tax Specialists that offers this fast-track service in-house.

Our advanced R&D funding service includes the Fixed Fee services listed above, plus funds paid on the same day as submission to HMRC.

This instant turnaround can make all the difference for founders who want to start reinvesting as soon as possible, allowing you immediate access to up to £250,000.




We’d love to hear from you!

Within the world of R&D, we know that each startup is different. So, we believe it's important to provide our clients with a personalised, flexible service that will provide them with the tools to help them meet their growth potential.

At Claim Capital, we work on the side of startups, and we love nothing more than helping to fund innovation. Whether your business isn’t yet making profit or has scaled beyond your expectations – if there’s R&D involved, we can help you reach your next stage of growth, faster.

On the 24th & 25th of November, our R&D specialists will be headed to The Business Show 2021 to join over 500 exhibitors coming together to showcase the secrets of business adaptation and growth.

This 43rd edition of The Business Show is set to be the biggest yet, featuring 200 seminars from industry experts as well as unmissable masterclasses and networking opportunities. If you're attending, don't forget to stop by! Our team would love to get to know you.

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