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April 05, 2024

Bolster Your Business with Shared Vision and Leader Creation

LC Innovation International Corp Stand: T703
Bolster Your Business with Shared Vision and Leader Creation
LC Innovation

As leaders and business owners, we tend to try and wear too many hats at the organizational level which can lead to exhaustion and mild depression. We try to hire people who we think have a magic wand and will be able to transcend our business with a snap of their fingers, instead of appreciating the short gains. We panic in the face of adversity, fearing the business plan we put together is taking too long to materialize. We panic, forcing us to abandon hope, discipline, and strategy. We tend to become enthralled by shiny objects, which we think can bring us millions in sales revenue, and place large amounts of distributions or dividends in our bank accounts at the end of the year. We lose track of the goal, as the vision, which was once the bright and shiny object, becomes a fallen star of the past.

As leaders and business owners, we often take on several roles within our organizations, outside of our field of expertise, leading to exhaustion and even mild depression. Instead of appreciating short gains, we seek unrealistic solutions from new hires, hoping they’ll transform our business into overnight success. Adversity brings panic, forcing us to begin questioning our business plans and abandoning our vision and strategy. We become enamored by shiny distractions, expecting them to yield massive and immediate returns. Yet, our original vision fades like a fallen star.

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