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You’re a human, not a number!

You’re a human, not a number!

How many times have you had to reach out to a business to discuss an urgent matter only to have to deal with an automated service? It can be massively frustrating and, perhaps the worst part, it’s everywhere these days.

How many times have you had to reach out to a business to discuss an urgent matter only to have to deal with an automated service? It can be massively frustrating and, perhaps the worst part, it’s everywhere these days.

 From automated banking telephone lines where you end up confused which number to press to Big Tech companies like Amazon & Google that use “Chat Bots’ to deal with customers. They don’t treat customers like real people but more like numbers - It is simply unacceptable.

 Show Them That You’re a “Real Person”

 Unfortunately, businesses tend to overlook the needs of their customers. They look at what the competition is doing - mostly implementing a service where the customer ends up looking after themselves after going through pages and pages of “Help” areas and forums.

 Yes, competition is a real thing in the business world (this is a fact) but we can still be professionally competitive and real to who you are, too.

 Being a people-person means that we are positive despite how we are feeling emotionally, but honestly, as well.

 When we get frustrated with a situation, show it in a calm and honest manner. That way, those around we will see that you feel these emotions too, but that you handle them professionally. This will show people that we are, indeed, a real person, and that we have emotions.

 It’ll encourage people to trust you and your words, because you are showing all sides to your professional personality, and you aren’t just some fake person who is scamming people to get a sale, or to make you stay as an employee.

This is really important for keeping employees happy in payment systems to business in the UK.

What can we do in order to achieve this goal? To be professional yet balanced with being consumer focused and keeping our workforce happy?  

The Most Powerful Merchant Payment Analytical Tool

We offer a powerful merchant payment analytical too – This helps you to really focus on the customer whilst still being competitive in the business world.

Here is an overview of the services:

Sales Management - See transactions and sales trends in real-time and at-a-glance average transactions and your general business performance.

Cash Flow Management - Monitor the actual status of each and every transaction in real-time. This includes the ability to view which transactions have been settled to your account or are awaiting settlement. With this level of insight you truly have the ability to manage your cash-flow and your business growth.

Track Your Refunds - Monitor your refunds as they occur. Identify trends that could be linked to issues with products or possible staff error

Multi-outlet Management - Have more than one outlet or planning to open more? Never fear, the app is developed with expansion in mind for you as the business owner! Fully monitor your different locations in real-time. 

Monitor Fraud - Ever had the issue with a double payment? The App enables you to qualify if this in fact has occurred in the case where a customer may claim it has! With real-time data you will always be in the know! 

All these points help you in core business activity whilst also really focusing on the need of the customer. The workforce is also much more competent and efficient in their roles and, therefore, can give the customer the best possible experience.

We work with 75 Acquirers 

The independents have the luxury of a relatively clean slate with which to create the agency that their clients want. They are not weighed down by global networks operating in traditional disciplines and can balance their portfolios towards digital disciplines, where growth and margins are much easier to find.

At the heart of all of this is performance marketing. Return on investment has never been more important to clients and for agencies that can prove consistent and measurable success, client revenues can be grown at an astonishing pace.

We will get the cheapest deal for you!


Securer Payments Service - Independent in the market 

  • To treat people as people and not to hide behind a website, that’s we have 24/7 number 0800 180 8979

  • We want to have a one to one relationship with our clients.

  • The company which transparency in our relationships

  • Next working day payments


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