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What Technology And Tools Can Help Businesses Attract And Retain Clients?

What Technology And Tools Can Help Businesses Attract And Retain Clients?

Using the right tools has always been one of the key aspects in any type of business, but how has the latest technology affected this? By looking at some of the best uses for technology, we can see how they improve our chances of attracting and retaining clients more efficiently.

AI  Tools for Cross-Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting subjects in the world of technology right now, with a wide number of possible uses still being investigated. But many companies have already managed to find a way to fit AI into their processes. In terms of customer acquisition and retention, the introduction of AI to  is still in the fairly early stages but ’s looking promising., ADYOUNEED, and Albert are among the top AI marketing tools mentioned on this list, and they all offer cross-channel  opportunities. These products are capable of generating huge amounts of content using natural language, and ’s something that we can expect to become even more useful as the tools improve and mature over time and more new options begin to appear.

The Right Platform to Keep Users Happy

When a new customer decides to give a company a try, the first few seconds of their experience are vital. People often make a decision on whether to leave a website in the first ten seconds, so the look and feel of the platform used can help them to stay or turn them away. This is why retail companies like Amazon use a sophisticated system of product recommendations, to show you right away something you might be interested in.

We can also see how this works in the casino industry, where operators use online casino software with extensive portfolios that bring together thousands of the most popular games in one place. The use of an omnichannel solution is another vital aspect, as this is what allows the player to enter the same account and use the same wallet no matter where they are and what device they use.

 Analytics to Reduce Churn

Businesses have been aware of the value of the  that they collect for a long time, but  hasn’t always been clear what they should do with this information. The implementation of  analytics has helped to solve this issue and allows companies to truly understand how to make good use of the numbers.

The area known as customer retention analytics is where the attention is focused on looking at churn rates and sources, as a way of finding areas where customer engagement could be improved. This should be done periodically and by segment, with the aim of retaining more customers and reducing the amount of churn that affects the business.

These are a few of the different ways that new technology and tools are being used to keep clients happy. While they might sound exotic and difficult to master at first, they are all quickly becoming mainstream elements of the battle to attract and retain clients that every business needs to consider using.


By Bia Pendelton, California Business Journal

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