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Are You Ready for The New Era Of Video?

Are You Ready for The New Era Of Video?

The world of video is changing. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts are demonstrating that video are getting shorter. Traditional corporate style video content seems to be going out of fashion fast and, younger people especially are responding better to short form authentic video content. Authentic content means it’s not heavily edited and feels real. No special effects, no excessive filters and no gloss. It’s a completely different grammar and feels much more like a ‘youtuber’ style of video.

The glossy Instagram era is being taken over by the ‘talking to camera while out and about’ style of video. Capturing the moment, providing value. High production value hero content is starting to look a bit out of place on social and has a better home on TV or Cinema.

The other big change in video is that people want to see multiple shorter videos instead of one longer one. They want to see regular, episodic bite sized content, especially when you are giving advice or providing value.

This change in the video landscape is great news for companies, because this type of content is quick and easy to make especially with a tool like ShoutOut.

With ShoutOut you create your branding, intro, outro, overlays and music. You then film your video clip and ShoutOut creates a finished video automatically.You can also send record links out to customers, partners or franchisees for them to record videos, for example testimonials or video reviews. ShoutOut is the perfect tool for this new style of video making for companies. It turns everyone into a content creator.

So, what are you waiting for, it’s time for your close up.







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