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Where Do You Go When Your Small Business Is Stuck?

Where Do You Go When Your Small Business Is Stuck?

Where do you go when your small business is stuck?

Many small business owners are told they will likely fail - and it’s statistically true that 60% of small businesses don’t make it past year 3 - however, if you’re reasonably good at what you do, and are okay at sales, you stand a relatively good chance of creating a business.


Whether it delivers on your dreams, or even brings you the income you want, is a completely different matter, however.


Almost all business owners struggle and/or get stuck. If this is you right now, know that it’s par for the course - completely normal - pretty much expected. We call it ‘Entrepreneurial

Conditioning’, which is an elegant term for a pretty inelegant journey almost all business go on, paved with losses, humiliations, wins, doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, procrastination,

questioning your own sanity and wondering if you should just pack it all in and work on a Checkout.


To run a successful business, you are going to need help. The sooner you accept that, the better - and the quicker you’ll be successful.

The problem is, as more small-business owners enter the market, so do business coaches, mentors and mastermind groups. It’s a minefield! So where do you go for help?


Here are my top tips for finding the right help.


1. Know the level you’re at and get the right help for that level – we spent years implementing well-meaning but utterly nonsense advice without realising until we’d

wasted time, money and energy.

2. Check out credentials – you want real-world experience, not someone who’s reciting from books and anecdotes.

3. Speak to existing customers and case study clients – talk to real people who have walked the path you’re looking to walk.

4. Is the result they consistently get the one you’re looking for? Sounds obvious, but do your homework here.

5. Is the culture a good fit? A disconnect here can mean you miss out on valuable Learning.

6. Is there accountability? A huge percentage of your success relies on this and it’s so often overlooked!

7. Once you’ve decided, commit fully to the advice and implement. Give it time to yield results.


Good luck on your journey!


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